3 quick and simple ways to implement SEL in your math block

You know that buzz word SEL. I’m sure by now you’ve been told to implement SEL into all subject areas. One of those is SEL and math.

How to implement SEL in your Math Block
How to implement SEL in your Math Block

How do you incorporate SEL and Math?

Looking at your math block, you can definitely add SEL quickly and effectively!

Small Groups

You know I love small groups. I’m sure you’ve read the blog posts about it and if you haven’t be sure to check it out! When students are working in small groups you are doing a variety of things! For example, they will be validated when they both answer a question correctly.

Teacher working in small groups
Teacher working in small groups

Managing Emotions

Have you ever seen a kid struggle with math? I remember MANY days when my students had a meltdown because they didn’t know the steps or struggled with the steps. One of my absolute favorite things to do is display Jen Jones’ poster that says everything is hard at first. I encourage my students to read it when they are struggling. It refocuses them and then ask them how they are feeling. What are they feeling? Why are they feeling this way? Students won’t have to be as stressed and they can manage their emotions.

Students should have self regulation
Students should have self regulation

Self Management

Students can often struggle with math. How do we as teachers provide support for the students? If we are able to teach them how to self manage themselves, imagine the difference it will make. If the students are able to recognize when there is a problem or if they are lost in a certain spot, they are self managing themself. They are taking ownership of their learning and pushing their own thinking with the skill. They are able to recognize that there is a problem and they manage their own learning.

Implement SEL and Math Today!

You can easily and quickly implement these ideas today. Take a look at your classroom. Can you add in a small group somewhere? Allow the students to feel validated by what they completed!

Are you implementing Daily Check-Ins?

Download a free week of Digital Daily Check-Ins. These have been a huge game changer in my classroom and I am incredibly excited to learn more and more about my students.