Want to see something super funny? Tell your students with super excitement that you’re learning adding and subtracting decimals! I always think it is super funny to watch them freak out but I am going to remind you…don’t freak out.

Adding Decimals
Adding Decimals

Adding Decimals Isn’t Hard!

Okay- really adding decimals isn’t hard. I feel like some kids (and teachers) really get nervous when they have to teach adding decimals. Don’t worry. I am here to help you!

Adding Decimals Straight Up

Should you be teaching the students the methods behind everything? Yes, you should. However, I also want to make sure that you understand the method that you are going to be teaching.

Provide multiple methods when Adding Decimals

Step #1

Line it up. Seriously- just line up the decimal when you place them. Wherever the decimal is, you place around that specific decimal. We know there won’t be multiple decimals so find one spot to just lay the decimal.

Step #2

Drop the decimal. I do this super weird voice when I teach my kids this. it’s kind of deep and odd. Just make it fun so that they remember to “Drop the decimal.”

Step #3

Next, you will just add the numbers up. I let them use their fingers if they have to or I let them use mental math.

Step #4

That’s it. Seriously. It doesn’t take a lot to teach adding decimals.

Small Group

Are you curious how you can add decimals during small group? I love doing this with my students. We use these little task cards (from my Guided Math Units) and then we use our marker boards or table to answer the question.

Adding Decimals
Guided Math Center

It’s not hard!

One of my biggest things is that I don’t believe we should be stressing our students out with math. Math can be extremely scary and there is no reason that the students should be worried about math. If we make this fun and engaging (adding in the odd voices) you will definitely see a difference in your classroom.

Implementing Guided Math to Support your Students

You know it’s hard to make sure your students completely understand the math lesson. I love giving them skills to practice during the math block. Are you looking for ways to implement Guided Math into your classroom? Check out this FREE Guide to Implement Guided Math in 10 Days!

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