Boom Cards is Life

So I jumped on the Boom Cards train. I, 100%, completely jumped on it. Boom Cards has an awesome Boom Cards App that you can use for your students or you can just use their website.

As you know, I love using technology in the classroom. In fact, I love having the ability to do math projects on Google Slides. Half way through the year, I discovered Boom Cards. Honestly…between you and me…I was seriously frustrated. The website was very difficult to navigate until I decided to sit down and work through this website. It was a ridiculously hard task to overcome. I also would like to put out there that I am really good with technology.

After I figured out how to redeem cards and give the cards to my kids- I fell in love.

It was just like Google Slides…except I don’t have to grade anything!! Seriously. Most of the cards already have the answers built into them and you don’t have to do anything but look at their score. I like to open the cards and look to see what the kids answer and why they had a mistake or what they did on the cards.

I have the kids type in the answer under the picture and then it makes this adorable DING sound if they got it right. It makes a different sound if it is wrong.

Why did I decide to make the change from Google Slides to Boom Cards?

Being completely transparent…I was tired of grading the Google Slides. It was super easy to grade BUT it was just another thing to grade. When I used Google Slides- I would have to go through all 24 of my students 24 slides and grade EACH piece. One of the math projects had over 60 problems. That is 1,440 problems to grade…by…my…self.

Not only that- but I am able to see where students are having a disconnect pretty quick after they enter the information. When a student struggles, I can instantly see if there is a skill a student is struggling with. Unlike in Google Classroom- I take forever to go through them.

Another reason I really like Boom Cards is because now my kids can get that instant gratification. It may sound silly but really it’s AWESOME! They are able to see when they don’t understand the skill instantly. The kids are able to come to me and tell me that they don’t understand. It holds the students accountable! In fact, my kids now tell me- I tried this and this answer and worked it out like this. Then I can actually help them solve. No longer are they waiting DAYS or WEEKS to get the answer and see what they did wrong.

I wanted to give you a free set of one of my Boom Cards! It is multiplication word problems and you can redeem this and try Boom Cards out yourself!

Click the picture below to go right to the free Boom Cards on TeachersPayTeachers!

I cannot wait to hear what you think of Boom Cards!! Be sure to let me

Hugs & High-Fives,