Place Value Activities for Your Math Classroom

Place value is a fundamental math concept that students must understand in order to progress to more complex math operations. Incorporating place value activities into your math classroom can be both engaging and effective. In this blog post, we’ll explore three different types of place value activities that you can […]

Fun and Engaging March Activities for Upper Elementary Classrooms

March is an exciting month, especially for upper elementary school classrooms! With the coming of spring, there are so many fun and interesting March activities that can be done with upper elementary students. From social emotional learning activities to engaging and challenging enrichment tasks, this article will provide some ideas […]

How to Maximize Your Math Small Groups

If you are a teacher looking for ways to maximize learning in your math small groups, then you’ve come to the right place. Small group instruction can be a powerful tool for helping students become more independent learners and develop critical math skills. Read on to learn how you can […]

Number Sense Activities to Help Math Fluency

As educators, we know that number sense is a critical piece of the puzzle that is mathematical thinking. Number sense grows when we begin to connect numerical values to real life. It is so important for students to recognize that numbers are related and that they do not exist in […]

How to Practice Multiplying Decimals with Work Mats

Ever wondered what the heck work mats are? And how can they benefit you in the classroom? Work mats are great for guided math or during small group instruction to serve as both practice and a reference sheet as students are working towards mastery of a skill. Let’s dig in […]

Different Ways to Use Math Choice Boards

Now that we’ve discussed what choice boards are and why we should use them and how to overcome common challenges with using choice boards, let’s get a little bit more specific.  Math is a great subject for choice boards because they allow students to take ownership of how they master […]