Exciting Resources to use Supporting Students when Teaching Conversions

I remember the shock of being in elementary school and realizing not everyone measured in inches, feet, and miles. Then, I remember the annoyance of having to learn those dang unit conversions! Lucky us, we are now teaching conversions. Of course, conversions apply outside of just length. Whether our students […]

Division Work Mats to Teach Division for 5th Graders

When you spend weeks and weeks of the school year planning small groups, you can feel like you’re going crazy. You lose track of which activities you’ve already done and all your lessons start to run together. It may be time to break up the routine and add in work […]

Launching Third Grade Math Notes

Looking for a way to engage your students in your math mini-lessons? Want a better way to easily scaffold students through a math lesson? Math notes are your answer! Let’s upgrade your third grade math notes, and make them work better for you and your students. How to Make Math […]

Logical Geometry Lessons for Upper Elementary Students

Geometry is one of those concepts your students either love…or hate! For many students, geometry challenges them in a new way. To overcome these obstacles, I use guided math. My geometry lessons for my elementary students focus on a gradual release, so by the end, students have mastered the content! […]

Adaptable Ideas For Factors and Multiples Lessons Plan

Getting ready to teach factors and multiples? Guided math is my favorite way to plan and implement math lessons. The same goes for my factors and multiples lesson plans! I want to share how I plan my guided math lessons, and give you some helpful tips along the way. Mini-Lessons […]

3 Must-Have Math Fraction Centers for Elementary

Fractions are a skill constantly on rotation in my classroom, which means sometimes I am scrambling to find fraction centers we haven’t used yet! Fractions are an important part of mathematics, and can be difficult for students to understand. Fraction centers are a great way to help students learn fractions […]