How to Utilize The Recess Queen In An Upper Elementary Classroom

Have you ever read The Recess Queen? When I first saw this book, I was kind of triggered. My very own bully did torture me on the playground and during recess. Now… there is a book to show exactly HOW to handle those bullies and how to connect with them. […]

4 of My Favorite Picture Books To Teach Plot

As an elementary school teacher, I am always looking for fun and engaging ways to teach my students about different concepts. I love using picture books to teach plot. I can use picture books to introduce new topics, and my students always seem to enjoy them as well. When it […]

5 Interesting Ways to Group Your Readers

If you’re a teacher, chances are you’ve been assigned the task of grouping your students by level at some point. But what if there were other ways to group your readers? Here are 5 interesting alternatives to group your readers. 1. Group by Skill, Strategy, or Instructional Goal Grouping by […]

How to Handle Reading Small Groups

When I was told that I would be responsible for leading reading small groups in my first year of teaching, I was ecstatic. I love working with small groups of students and helping them to grow as readers. However, when the day came and I had my first group of […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Use Choice Boards for Students

We all know the power of student choice, but perhaps you’re not as familiar with the power of choice boards! One thing that I like to remind everyone is that choice boards for students can be an incredibly powerful tool. I’m all about classroom tools and resources that make my […]