The Ultimate Guide on How to Create Reading Strategies Anchor Chart

Have you ever walked into a classroom and were immediately drawn to the anchor chart hanging on the wall? Reading strategies anchor charts are a staple in many classrooms, serving as a visual aid that helps students engage with the material being taught. In this blog post, we’ll walk you […]

How I Plan My Emergency Sub Plans

As a teacher, planning for emergencies can feel like a daunting task. Taking time out of your hectic schedule to make sub plans when you’re feeling unwell or other obligations come up is a burden we can all do without. But what if we told you there is an easier […]

Back to School Picture Books: Inspiring Stories for the Start of a New Year

Picture books are not just for young children; they can be a valuable tool for students of all ages. These beautifully illustrated stories have the power to captivate young minds, spark imagination, and teach important life lessons. In this blog post, we will explore a selection of back to school […]

Engaging Your 5th Graders in Deeper Word Work with Word Work for 5th Grade

One of the biggest challenges that 5th-grade teachers face is how to engage students in a meaningful way when it comes to learning and mastering new words. Vocabulary acquisition is a fundamental skill that can make or break a student’s ability to comprehend, write, and communicate effectively. That’s where Word […]

Picture Books that Help Build Relationships in the Classroom

I like using books to help me teach children new concepts. Sometimes it’s easier for children to make a connection when they hear a story and see the pictures. Below is a list of some of my favorite books that help build relationships in the classroom. Building relationships with students […]