When planning a lesson…

  Planning a lesson-reading, math, writing, science or social studies- can be a daunting task. Having an essential binder is what I would call a planning lifesaver. I’m going to be completely honest with you…I am a super planner. If you’re not a super planner- you may just want to […]


Do you ever feel like you’re teaching forever and forever? You look up at the clock and realize whoops!!! That lesson went way too long! You notice your students zones out, your throats hurts, and you’re exhausted! You probably thought this lesson was going to be the bomb diggity and then […]

I have 90 minutes for reading…what do I do?

Let me start off with congratulations!!! 90 minutes for reading is an ideal time. Our district does provide us with 90 minutes of reading plus an additional 30 minutes of intensive intervention for the lowest 25% of the class. So really I have 120 minutes of reading. That is a […]