Building Relationships Within Your Classroom

Building relationships within your classroom is incredibly important. It’s not just important in the beginning of the year but throughout the entire year. This is because you’re building relationships among the students, among yourself, and in the classroom. For the last five years I have made it my mission to […]

Class Meeting Sharing

Each year I have at least one student who LOVES to share with me. It seems as though every free opportunity they have they come up to me and share something about their lives. Why do they do this? In general, students love to share themselves with others both their […]

Why Should you Start Your Day With Greetings?

Imagine walking into a professional development class, the class is full so you quickly find a seat at the back. You look around for someone you know only to come up disappointed. You realize that this will be just another one of those classes where no one even knows or […]

How to implement SEL in the entire school

By now, you have heard of all the buzz word SEL or Social and Emotional Learning. The main question that people have been asking is how do you implement School Wide SEL? Why does School Wide SEL matter? If you don’t have everyone on board with SEL, will your school […]

How to host a daily check-in with your students

I don’t know about you…but I know that my students need some massive support with their Social and Emotional Needs. We are going digital at the beginning of the year. I need to check in on my students on a daily basis. I have decided to have a digital daily […]