Geometry is one of those concepts your students either love…or hate! For many students, geometry challenges them in a new way. To overcome these obstacles, I use guided math. My geometry lessons for my elementary students focus on a gradual release, so by the end, students have mastered the content!

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Geometry Lessons

Guided Math

If you’re not familiar with guided math, it’s essentially a method that incorporates scaffolding and a gradual release of assistance. Students start with the maximum assistance (a whole group mini-lesson) and end with the least amount (homework). Meanwhile, you are also differentiating and meeting in small groups to assist students at different levels.

When creating a geometry lesson using guided math, you want to consider these parts:

  1. Mini-Lesson
  2. Small Groups
  3. Independent Work
  4. Exit Ticket
  5. Homework

Using Data to Improve Student Success

What makes guided math geometry lessons for elementary students different from a typical lesson is using data to lead the way. The small groups in guided math are teacher stations that differentiate instruction for students based on their knowledge of the concept.

So, where do you get the data to create these small groups? Through independent practice and exit tickets! This doesn’t mean you need to grade everything your students do, but rather, be intentional about what work you look over.

For instance, I might choose a problem from their independent work that I know did a great job of displaying the standard, or that I want to make sure my students understand. I would look over this problem and put my students in three groups: remedial, on-level, and above-level. I then cater my small group instruction to these three groups.

Making geometry fun for students can be a challenge, but with the right tools and techniques it can be done. In this post you'll find out how I use guided math centers to teach geometry in a way that engages all students. Come explore A Teacher's Wonderland!

No Prep Guided Math Lessons

Prepping guided math lessons can be overwhelming. Between the mini-lessons, small groups, independent work, and more…it can feel like there is never enough time to get it all done. That’s why I created a Guided Math Unit on Lines, Shapes, and Angles.

This guided math unit contains all of the content you need to implement a no-prep unit. Plus, the activities and resources are an easy print-and-go method, which means no wasted time cutting and pasting.

With the Guided Math Unit on Lines, Shapes, and Angles, you get –

✔️ Lesson plans for the entire unit

✔️ Mini-lesson guide, so you know exactly what to teach each day

✔️ Small group activities with three differentiated activities

✔️ Independent practice for each lesson

✔️ Exit Tickets for each lesson

✔️ Homework

✔️ Assessment for the end of the unit

If you don’t need an entire unit, these resources can help supplement your existing curriculum! Geometry and Volume Guided Math Notes are perfect for your mini-lessons, homework, reference pages, and more. It’s formatted in an I do, We do, You do style, so students can be scaffold through the material. 

This Build a Zoo PBL for Geometry can be a great center activity or end of unit assessment for students. Students will plan their zoo, identity expenses, and build a 3D model. This is a great way to bring geometry to the real world, and make it applicable to student’s lives.

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