Imagine walking into a professional development class, the class is full so you quickly find a seat at the back. You look around for someone you know only to come up disappointed. You realize that this will be just another one of those classes where no one even knows or cares that you’re there. All of a sudden you look up from your laptop and there is another classmate smiling at you and saying hello. Instantly, you don’t feel quite so alone or tense. Let’s talk about Greetings for Class Meetings!

Our students feel the same way when they walk into our classroom and it is important that we have class meetings to help our students feel comfortable. A huge part of this is greetings for class meetings. Just like we automatically feel more at ease when we are greeted, so do our students and what better way to foster community in our classroom than to have students greeting each other!

Class Meetings and Greetings: Why They Matter

Classroom meetings will look different from class to class, but essentially they are a time to meet together as a class and talk about goals, upcoming events, and any other important issues. They should also include greetings where students greet each other in different and fun ways. You may think that you don’t have time for class meetings with all that we’re required to teach in a day, but the truth is, you don’t have time NOT to do class meetings. 

Class meetings allow students to not only feel comfortable in the class but transition to school time. When students are not comfortable or focused on school, you can only imagine how much of that amazing teaching your doing is going straight over their heads. Taking a few minutes each day also fosters more community in your classroom. That community building helps put out fires before they even start, leaving you more valuable teaching time! Also, in this crazy world we are living in where faces are covered and human interaction is minimized, our students desperately NEED positive human/peer interaction and greetings for class meetings are simple, fun, and effective. Are you excited for classroom meetings now!? If you’d love to start classroom meetings but aren’t sure where to start, my No Prep!-Class Meetings-Building a Positive Classroom Environment has everything you need to get started. You can also check out other blog posts about Building a Positive Classroom Environment.

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Greetings for Class Meetings

What are Greetings?

Greetings for classroom meetings are exactly what they sound like, students greeting one another. So why the big hype you ask? Just like was mentioned above, greetings are powerful things. They make us feel valued, included, and safe. We want all of our students to feel this way and greetings are a sure fire way to help students feel just that, every day or at least several times a week.

How to do Classroom Greetings

Just as with anything else in the classroom, your greetings for class meetings are procedures and need to be taught clearly and frequently at first. Start with one type of greeting and state your expectations. Doing a demonstration with another student can also be really helpful. Pro tip: Have a pair of students do the wrong thing and then have a discussion about it. Students think this is hilarious and it gives you a chance to talk about what not to do in a memorable way. Then have that student pair do it again the right way and your students won’t quickly forget what’s expected of them. Once you have one type of greeting down, start to add in different greetings, always setting expectations first.

Example of Greetings for Class Meetings
Example of Greetings for Class Meetings

Ideas for Greetings

One of the first and simplest greetings you can teach your kids is just to say hello with a handshake while looking in the other person’s eyes and saying their name. This may sound simple but many kids have never actually done this before! Another simple idea is having students fist bump or high five each other. If you want to be a little more creative, have your students channel their inner royalty and curtsey or bow to each classmate. You could also have students look up a way to say hello in a different language for the day. The possibilities are endless and fun!

Reluctant Students

Most students of any age love greeting each other in fun and different ways, but you may have one or two reluctant students. If you have a reluctant student or two don’t force them to participate. While tempting, it will only make them feel uncomfortable which is the opposite of what we want for our students. It may just take some time for students to warm up to the idea of greeting and being greeted. It may also help to ask them one-on-one why they aren’t comfortable with greetings to get some more insight. In the end, make sure that the students are still present and not off doing their own thing while still giving them the autonomy to choose if they feel uncomfortable. 

Greetings for Class Meetings

Troubleshooting Greetings for Class Meetings

Besides some reluctant students here are some other issues you may run into with your class meetings and greetings. 

  • Students not participating in meetings
  • Going over on time
  • Greetings taking too long

If your students are not participating in meetings, start by having a frank conversation with them about why you choose to spend precious school time doing meetings and greetings. This may be just what students need to “get on board” with your meetings. If you keep going over on time with your meetings, set a timer and have a strict schedule. You could even enlist the help of a student or two to help you stay on track. If your students are taking too long with greetings try some shorter greetings or again, setting a timer is like magic in the classroom. 


The magic of classroom meetings and greetings is something you have to experience to really appreciate, but I promise, you won’t regret it! Start small and then make it work for you and your students and be ready to see the community in your classroom blossom!

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