Guided Math

Hey everyone! This is 4 posts that will be extended over 4 weeks.  Be sure to come back each week to check it all out.
Week 1- What is Guided Math?
Week 2- What are the parts or components of Guided Math?
Week 3- How to implement successfully
Week 4- Where to get resources?

Let’s start off with What is Guided Math?
Guided Math is a structure for teaching where a teacher supports each child’s development within a small group setting. Guided Math also allows the teacher to increase the level of difficulty based on the students needs.
Why do I do Guided Math?
Honestly, I really do enjoy Guided Math. I was always shocked as to why teachers would change their entire teaching methods to try this program. Then I jumped on the bandwagon. I am not saying that you need to but I will tell you some of the amazing benefits that I have noticed. 
1. When a student struggled, I immediately saw the mistake that the student was making. I was able to correct the mistakes and lead the students to go back to check their work.
2. Which leads us to number two! They learn how to check their work. They also may realize…oh hey- the kid next to me got a different answer. What did I do wrong or what did they do wrong?
3. I always ask that my kids support one another (especially in guided math). If they did notice that they have a different answer then their partner they were to go back and check along with their partner.
4. I could see who understood the material or who would need remediation that day or later in the day.
5. Each student was provided a hands on activity daily to help them play with new knowledge during small group. A way to interact with the information on paper (still have to take state tests ya-know?), are able to work on a hands on activity from last unit to practice those skills as well, and work with technology to strengthen skills.
What do your other students do while you are working with one group?
My other students are working on skills that are structured just for them. For example, hands on activity, technology, math facts, math journals, task cards, word problems etc. 
I included parts of my Unit 1 Guided Math program here so that you can see what it looks like at a fifth grade level. There are 11 units, 2 pages of classwork, an exit slip, 2 pages of homework and a hands on activity for small group that you could use later during review time.
If you are looking for Fifth Grade Unit 1-Place Value click —>_-*HERE!*-_
Part two is all about the parts of guided math and we will see you next week!