I love planning. Seriously. It is one of my favorite things to do when it comes to lesson planning. I love just sitting down and figuring out when I will work on with my students. I love being able to decide what lessons we will use, what experiments we will try, and exactly what we will need for the units. If you are looking for more blog posts about Science, check this out here! Let’s get started on creating Nature of Science Lesson Plans!

Nature of Science Lesson Plans
Nature of Science Lesson Plans

Goals & Standards

As much as I hate talking about lesson goals, they are extremely important to the lessons. Let’s start with finding the standards that would go with the Nature of Science. When you start with your Science standards, you will want to organize them from least to greatest. Do you want to make sure that you know exactly what standards you need to teach… And then teacher. Once you finish looking at your standards you will want to create your I can statements and your goals for the unit. Let’s go ahead and get a calendar out and we want to identify when the unit needs to be finished.

Step 1. Look at the standards for your state. Identify what standards are mandatory in this unit.

Step 2. How many days do you have for this unit? I spend about 12-14 days on this unit.

Step 3. Work backwards to list everything that you need to include in your unit.

Step 4. Fill in the lessons on the matching days.

Planning for Nature of Science
Planning for Nature of Science

What will you teach?

Nature of science has so many different ideas. Personally, I love to start with just exploring science and scientists. Below is a list of what I teach during this unit.

  1. Type of Scientists
  2. Famous Scientists
  3. Lab Safety
  4. Using all 5 Senses
  5. Tools you use
  6. Measuring Volume
  7. Measuring Mass
  8. Accuracy & Precision
  9. Scientific Method
  10. Variables
Nature of Science Lesson Plans

Nature of Science Lesson Plans

If you are tired of creating lesson plans for science, make sure you check out these Power Of Science units that I created.

Lesson Plans done for you!
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