You know how much I love picture books and this week is no exception. Check out the Empathy Picture book post!! When it’s time to teach nonfiction problem and solution, I immediately go to my favorite picture book “You wouldn’t want to be on Apollo 13!” I have to tell you that being a native Floridian anything with NASA or Space Shuttles is in our blood. We love everything about it and you can find us up in Cape Canaveral during any launch.

Problem & Solution Picture Book
Problem & Solution Picture Book

I’m sure you have heard of one of the most famous launches called Apollo 13. If not- watch the movie. It’s freaking amazing. Anyways- the shuttle ends up exploding and pieces of it go out into space. The mission turns from being a lunar landing to a “get the boys home” mission. SPOILER ALERT- They get home safely.

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Using Picture Book to Teach Problem & Solution

How does this picture book help with problem and solution? The mission itself has a massive problem. Like I said before- the shuttle explodes. I start on page 10 and read all about how their day started and how the day went. I do read this after the Titanic book (check this post here) so they have the foundation for Chronological Order. (Hello spiral work!)We are constantly asking- was there a problem? We tend to skip around and get to page 18. Now we come across the problem.

Let your students solve the problem!

Need a nonfiction problem and solution picture book? You wouldn't want to be on Apollo 13 is a great book!

The kids get insanely creative with this. I tell the kids that there is no wrong answer at this time. I also give them hints like they can use the moon to help assist, they cannot get another shuttle out there because they don’t have extra shuttles on hand, and that they need to solve their problem with what they have on board. We spend a good 15-20 minutes discussing alternatives. This puts the learning in the students’ hands. The kids really love doing this activity.

The following day we read page 20 & 21. We review the different options that are provided by the book. Ask the students which they would. Why would they choose that specific one?

We skip to pages 28 & 29 and discuss the problems that may happen if they enter Earth’s atmosphere. Again, let them decide the solution. Once you decide on a solution, read page 29. The students love seeing that the astronauts make it safely back to earth.

Nonfiction Problem & Solution Picture Book

nonfiction problem and solution picture book
nonfiction problem and solution picture book

It takes patience and a lot of searching for the perfect picture book for each skill. Luckily for you, I have found that perfect book just for problem & solution! You can purchase this book on Amazon!

Picture Book Checklist

We know that not all of the picture books are perfect for each skill. I am giving you my picture book checklist that I use with every single picture book that I use. This checklist is my way of identifying if it is a book if I should bring it into my classroom or not.

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