15 of the Best Literacy Week Ideas

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that I completely believe in instilling a love for reading by the time they leave elementary school. (You can read about this here!) The students should find a genre that they love before they leave my class. I have found a love for reading and finally an amazing genre that makes me happy. However, I noticed that my kids don’t have a love for reading. I finally decided that I want to make sure my kids find a love for reading by instilling Literacy Week every January. I wanted to make sure I shared all of my Literacy Week ideas! Enjoy!

Literacy Week Ideas Picture

Top 15 Literacy Week Ideas

  1. Have a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party so the students have a feast to enjoy different books. (of course, this is my favorite!)
  2. Book parade! Have students dress up as their favorite book character.
  3. Vocabulary parade- Check out the book Miss Alaineus – it’s great to encourage students to open their mind for vocab words and learn vocabulary words
  4. Invite a local author or Skype with them!
  5. Compare alphabets from other languages. I love doing this one because the students are always shocked by how different other languages are!
  6. Where has your reading taken you? I love putting stars on a map to identify where our books have taken us.
  7. A buddy system! Join up with other classes (preferably a different grade) and spend time reading to the grades. Normally – I partner 5th grade with 2nd, 4th with 1st, and 3rd with Kindergarten.
  8. Bring in a book from your parents heritage. For example, if a parent is from a different country- have them send in a book from their heritage.
  9. Invite parents to come and read a book that they read as a child to the class.
  10. Let the kids act out their book. Choose their favorite book and then act it out.
  11. Dress up as a newspaper. Have the students wear only black and white. I normally get newspapers donated to the class so they can see what it looks like.
  12. Have students create a book. It could be a comic book, student treasures, or anything they love!
  13. Host a book exchange.
  14. Create a book nook. Students will go to one section of the room where they can sit and read.
  15. Finally, my favorite literacy week idea. Drop Everything And Read. DEAR Time. Get down with the kids and just read with them. Enjoy time to just read and understand what the kids are reading and enjoying.

Are there more ideas? Totally! If you have other ideas for literacy week, leave them below! Help other teachers create these amazing literacy weeks ideas so they can compile them all together!

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