Do you ever teach a lesson and think it’s amazing and then you get dozens of emails that the students didn’t understand the lesson? Eliminate this problem using math notes. These math notes are great to use in your math class because they students will have a place to review the lesson.

Math Notes in your Classroom
Math Notes in your Classroom

How can you use this in your classroom?

Math notes can be used in a variety of ways in your classroom.

Below are some ideas of how you can use them:

•Direct Instruction:

Make copies for all of your students or project on the overhead for the whole class to see. As you’re talking, students can add doodles or other important reminders in the margins.

Doodle Stations (complete part of the Math Notes during a specific rotation)

This is a great way to differentiating instruction. Students who need more scaffolding can work on the earlier pages while more advanced students can work on the later pages.

An example of math notes

Use as a study guide and for assessments

Math notes are great study tools because they provide structure and organization. They also help with test prep because students will be familiar with the format and content.

Assign for homework

If you’ve ever given your students a blank piece of paper and said “take notes,” you know that it usually doesn’t end well. Assigning specific math notes as homework ensures that your students are getting quality practice outside of class.

3rd Grade Math Notes

Independent Time or after the lesson:

Copies of the math notes can be placed in a center for students to complete independently or as follow-up after a whole group lesson.

Asking your students to take notes can often result in a lot of wasted paper and frustrated children. Save yourself some time by using math notes in your classroom instead. These prepared notes provide structure and focus so that your students will be able to get the most out of their independent practice time, whether it’s at home or in school. If you are searching for place value notes, check those out here.

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