One of my Favorite Test Prep Review Games

I want to first start off saying that I did NOT create this game. It is just a test prep game that is very popular in my classroom. This came from To Engage Them All and you can read the original blog post here. I am going to include some of her directions here and show I changed them up a little bit.

Test Prep games are so much fun! Here is one of my favorite games to play during test prep!

Directions to GrudgeBall

  1. Each team gets 10 “X’s”.
  2. Split your class into 5 or 6 teams, depending on how fast you want the game to go. I usually break it up into 12 so that they have to have partners.
  3. Each group gets a question.  If they get it right they automatically get to erase two X’s from the board.  They can take it from one team or split it.  They can not commit suicide (take X’s from themselves). I love using Task Cards, Science Assessments, Review- ANYTHING!!
  4. Before they get their two points, they can work for 2 more points or 5 more points. They can shoot the basketball into the net from the 2-pointer. If they make it in they can wipe off 4 X’s. If they make it from the 3-pointer, they can wipe off 7 X’s.

Minor Hiccups Along the Way

If a team runs out of X’s- (it does happen) they cannot get back into the game until they answer 4 questions correctly. That means that they have to answer 4 questions correct (by adding 4 X’s) back to the board and then they can start going after the other teams. I’d hate to say this but they are super vengeful. You better believe that the kids that went after them- they will now go after.

Why do this?

I get SO bored with test prep. If I’m bored- they are probably bored. I don’t want to do it- neither do they. However, if we can make it fun. Why not? Yes- the classroom will get loud. Yes, you will get some looks. Your kids will love and really…isn’t that all that matters?

In the end…

Let’s make test prep fun because if it is boring- they may do poor on the test. Try grudgeball. Let me know how it works out for your class!