13 Colonies – 3D Project Cube – Science Activity – American Revolution Craft




Bring history to life by creating a 3D Project Cube for the 13 Colonies and for the American Revolutionary War.
The students will be excited to get out of the text book, or plain old lecturing. Excite your students with this fun 3D Project Cube.
Make history exciting while maintaining the rigor.

When can you use the 13 Colonies?

  • Review Time: Use the cube as a review activity to reinforce key concepts before an assessment or as a quick refresher.
  • Small Groups: Assign small groups of students to work collaboratively on the cube, encouraging teamwork and discussion.
  • Exemplary Task: Showcase exemplary work by displaying completed cubes in the classroom or hallway, highlighting students’ efforts.
  • Buddy/Partner Work: Pair up students to complete the cube together, promoting peer learning and cooperation.
  • Independently: Have students work independently on the cube as a self-paced activity, allowing them to take ownership of their learning.
  • Homework: Assign the cube as a homework assignment to extend learning beyond the classroom walls.
13 Colonies Project Cube Contains:
  • A page about the Southern Colonies
  • A page about the Middle Colonies
  • A page about the New England Colonies
  • A page about the life in the colonies (4 options)
  • A page about the agriculture (4 options)
  • A page about the development (4 options)
  • Answer Key for the colonies – not the life in the colonies, agriculture, and development
What you Need to Know
  • The 3D Project Cube is designed as a Print & GO file, making it easy to implement in your classroom.
  • Students will need to cut and glue the pages to assemble their cubes, getting hands-on with the material.
  • Plan for approximately 60-90 minutes of class time to complete the cube, ensuring students have ample time to engage with the content.
  • Regular copy paper is all you need to create the cubes, making it a cost-effective and accessible resource.
  • Remember, each student will need all six pages to successfully complete their own 3D Project Cube.
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