4th Grade 2 By 1 Dig. Multiply Small Groups Plans & Work Mats – RTI Intervention



This 4th Grade 2 Digit by 1 Digit Multiplication Small Groups Lesson Plans and Math Intervention Review or RTI Unit is designed to provide small group lesson plans for the place value unit. The math work mats and small group activities are not meant to be used for full class lessons. You can print and laminate or slip into a dry erase pocket for wipe and write.
Note- this is ONLY for 2 by 1 multiplication.
Lessons Included:
  • Multiplication Patterns
  • Standard Method
  • Area Model
  • Partial Products
This framework consists of 5 parts. All 5 parts are used throughout one lesson.
MATHS is an acronym.
M- Model & Instruction
A- Apply & Practice
T- Think & Solve
H- Help & Collaborate
S- Summarize & Assess
Each skill comes with the following resources :
  • Model & Instruction – Steps to teach the students how to work through the specific skill topic and this is found on the math work mat. The math work mat has detailed notes for the students to use as a reference while practicing the skill. These lessons are not meant to be an introduction to the students so the notes will not be as detailed as the math notes from my store.
  • Apply & Practice – A quick review, student input section and problems intended to be used as guided practice. The symbol that correlates would be the anchor.
  • Think & Solve – The symbol has two friends next to each other to practice the skill.
  • Help & Collaborate – Use as independent practice.
  • Summarize & Asses – An additional section of practice for each skill that can be used as practice or as a grade.
Suggestions for Use :
– Print out the lesson plans to use as reference. You can put in a binder or place it in pocket sleeves to keep the materials together.
– Label it with the correct lesson or skill so that the intervention teachers, assistants, volunteers, etc. can easily grab it and work with a small group of students on a set of skills designated by you.
– The math work mats can printed for each student or just the amount your need for small groups. If you use them for small group, place them in sheet protectors and give students for re-usable, dry erase practice.
What does this include?
  • Daily/Lesson Objectives
  • Small Group Lesson Plans
  • Remediation Activities
  • On Level Activities
  • Above Level Activities
  • Answer Key for work mats
  • Symbols to correlate with the math work mat and the corresponding framework
  • Hands on activities for lessons
  • Math work mat for each skill
  • Step by step instruction for each skill
  • 4 Practice questions per skill
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