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Looking to infuse kindess into your morning meetings? Look no further than this interactive resource on character traits! It’s packed with engaging elements like writing prompts, a read aloud list, weekly rewards, and more. These tools are designed to complement your character education lessons and make them come alive in the classroom.

Please note that this resource specifically focuses on the KINDNESS trait.

Here’s what you’ll find in this incredible resource:

  • A binder cover to keep everything organized
  • A detailed scope and sequence for easy planning
  • Eye-catching bulletin board templates to showcase the character trait of the year
  • Four passages that delve into the concept of kindness
  • Four writing passages to encourage thoughtful reflection
  • Hands-on activities that make learning interactive and fun
  • A carefully curated picture book read aloud list to captivate your students
  • Weekly rewards to celebrate their progress
  • A poster that serves as a visual reminder of the importance of kindness


And don’t worry – we’ve included a comprehensive guide on how to use all these activities effectively!

Get ready to empower your students with kindness and character development. This resource is sure to ignite meaningful discussions, foster personal growth, and create an engaging learning environment in your upper elementary school classroom.


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