Fourth Grade – Division- Guided Math




This is a fourth grade Guided Math Program. It holds everything for the fifth unit that you would possibly need.

Please view the preview prior to buying. It is a low prep unit. It does not require much so you can just copy and go. I personally don’t have the time in my math block to make all the cutesy stuff that I would like to do, so since I don’t have the time, I needed something that would be extremely effective in my classroom while giving it the guided math look and feel.

  • There are 8 lessons along with 1 assessment.
  • Relate Multiplication to Division
  • Interpret Remainders
  • Division with Base Ten Blocks
  • Division with Distributive Property and Partial Quotients
  • Division with area model & Partial Quotients
  • Division with Repeated Subtraction & Partial Quotients
  • Real World Division with Remainders
  • Real World Multi-Step Problems

hat is in each unit?

– Each unit has a mini-lesson.

– A small group lesson

– Each lesson also has the materials needed for small group, (remediation, on-level, and above level)

– 2 pages for classwork

– an exit slip

– 2 pages for homework

– Digital Math Notes

– Math Notes

– End of the Unit Assessment

– Guided Math Notes for corresponding unit