Let’s Go Gold Mining [A Science Project Based Learning]- Mixtures & Solutions



Welcome to Let’s Go Gold Mining! Students can create their own sifter using math and science skills (mixtures &solutions) to make a sifter become a reality.

Let’s Go Gold Mining is a project based learning activity. It puts all of the learning and responsibilities on the students and less on the teacher. This PBL focuses on students using their creative side while also using real world math skills, communication /collaboration with others, building a business, and of course their imagination. The template is provided to the students however, their creativity is needed in order to have success.

Students will create a plan for their sifter, purchase items from the teacher, and then build a mini version of their gold mining sifter.

The project is broken into four sections:

1. Plan

  • Plan your gold mining ideas

2. Purchases

  • Given a budget purchase – students will purchase necessities
  • Skill: Decimals, Money

3. Build

  • The students will use the materials and build their own sifter

4. Build the Sifter:

Students will build a mini version of their sifter.

Skill: Geometry, Mixtures, Solutions

Time Frame:

The time frame for completing this project will vary. If you are planning on completing it in a week, give 20-30 minutes per day–but it still could take longer.

Please Encourage Creativity!! Push your students to try new ideas. It’s not often that students can just experiment and have fun with their ideas and get creative. Allow them to get creative and enjoy the process!