As a teacher, you know that teaching your students about social and emotional learning is vital to their overall success. One crucial component of SEL that is often overlooked is self-awareness. Teaching self-awareness can be a significant challenge, but fortunately, many resources can be used to make it easier. One of the most exciting tools we have found is a comprehensive curriculum designed to help you teach your students about self-awareness. In this blog, we will explore the curriculum, its lessons and benefits, and how you can use it to bring self-awareness skills to your students.

Self Awareness Lesson Plans for the Upper Elementary Classroom

This self-awareness curriculum is a resource that contains twenty detailed lessons that you can use to teach your students about self-awareness. The curriculum includes critical components such as identifying emotions, personality strengths, communication of emotions, and confidence and self-esteem. These components are divided into four weeks, where each week focuses on a particular aspect of self-awareness. All lessons come with an introduction, discussion prompts, daily activity, and a conclusion.

Self Awareness Lesson Plans for the Upper Elementary Classroom

The curriculum’s first week is about identifying emotions, where students learn to identify their feelings based on zones such as the Green Zone, Blue Zone, Yellow Zone, and Red Zone. Additionally, recognizing emotions and their causes is discussed. In the second week, students are introduced to various personality strengths and ways to self-evaluate and make these personality strengths their strengths.

Self Awareness Lesson Plans for the Upper Elementary Classroom

The third week of the curriculum focuses on communicating emotions. Students are taught how to use an emotion chart to communicate their feelings and respond to other people’s emotions. The week also emphasizes naming feelings and how to give feelings names. Finally, the fourth week is all about confidence and self-esteem, where students are introduced to a growth mindset, daily affirmations, random acts of kindness, and setting personal boundaries.

Self Awareness Lesson Plans for the Upper Elementary Classroom

This incredible resource is designed to infuse your classroom with positivity, empathy, and a strong sense of community. 

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Teaching self-awareness to young learners is a challenging task. However, with the use of well-designed resources such as the curriculum we just explored, you can bring the concept of self-awareness to your students. With the resource’s engaging and well-structured format, your students will easily grasp all the concepts presented to them. Additionally, as a teacher, you will find the curriculum very valuable as all discussion prompts are included, and you have all the material you need in one compact unit. Teaching your students about self-awareness creates self-awareness in yourself, and you will be glad you took the time to invest in it.

Self-Awareness- Grades 3-5 – SEL

Teaching self-awareness to your students is undoubtedly a challenge, especially when there isn’t a ready-made curriculum at your disposal. But fret no more! We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive, meticulously designed curriculum that takes the guesswork out of the equation.

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It's hard to find self-awareness lesson plans for the elementary classroom. Maybe you just need some assistance for your lesson or ideas for your lessons. This blog post will walk you through exactly what I use for my self-awareness lesson plans.

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