Have you started morning meeting yet? It is a complete game changer and I absolutely love it. There are so many morning meeting share ideas that you really can’t go wrong. This article is great if you are searching for sharing ideas for morning meeting, this is a great starting point!

This all relates to a positive classroom environment and if you need some help with building a positive classroom environment, you can read all about it on my Classroom Economy post!

Morning Meeting Book

So did your principal hand you a book called Morning Meeting and say “GO!” Mine did.

I am so glad she did it. At first, I was like NO WAY! I don’t want another thing on my plate but then I researched SEL.

I think it was beneficial for me in the end, but I love that it opened doors for social emotional learning for me. This is the future of our country, and it’s the way we are going with our system.

We need to provide more social-emotional help to students that are struggling and need help. They may need help so they can feel like they belong. Imagine all of the students that could connect with and make such a difference with!

Sharing Ideas for Morning Meeting

Creating a morning meeting culture in the classroom is so incredibly important. Today I want to tell you all about how morning meeting sharing may the best part of your day.

The Science Behind It

In your brain, you have a piece called the amygdala. The amygdala is the part that is telling you as a person to fight, flight, or freeze. And it’s going to do one or the other. If you feel like this as an adult, why wouldn’t a child feel like this as well? If a student is in an uncomfortable position, they will have their amygdala rapid firing. It will have the students practically shut down on you. Unfortunately, that means that they will not learn. They will not process what you are teaching them because their amygdala is firing off.

How can you calm the amygdala during Morning Meeting Share Time?

You probably have heard by now that you must build relationships with students the first two weeks of school. This is ABSOLUTELY true! You have to build a relationship with students and this will calm the amygdala. But…how?!

Morning Meeting Share Ideas

Welcome to the sharing portion of the morning meeting. Morning Meeting has so many great benefits and one of my favorite benefits is how calm students become. I have noticed that students tend to relax more because they are less stressed by the atmosphere. Their anxiety will calm down immensely because they are aware of the classroom and aware of the teachers along with the students in your classroom.

In this image, you will see an example of morning meeting share ideas for the first week of school.
Use morning meeting as a tool to learn about your students.

It is time for you to start sharing your life. Now let me add this disclaimer… don’t be an oversharer. Seriously. You don’t want the kids talking about how you were drinking the night before, or how you had a fight with your husband. That is being an oversharer. Be a proper sharer. Think about your phrases like this “Will my principal get mad?” “Would parents get mad?”

Sharing is going to be crucial for your classroom and yes, you will have to share. This will help calm down that amygdala with the littles. Now here is the big question- what in the world are you going to share?

Academic Vs. SEL Morning Meeting Share Ideas

Notice that the picture above is pretty basic. However, a lot of things are coming out of that one picture. First, it is giving you insight into exactly what kind of emotion they may be feeling on that very first day of school. On top of that, the students will actually share with you their WHY. Getting students to explain why is incredibly important for students because it recognizes that they are being heard.

In this image, you will see an example of morning meeting share ideas.
An example of morning meeting share ideas.

Ready for some SEL morning meeting share ideas? Have students recognize some of their strengths and weaknesses within each subject. Even if you are someone that teaches only one or two subjects- allow them to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses about multiple subjects.

The students will be discussing their feelings. This relates to the SEL portion of morning meetings. However, the fact that students are recognizing their strength and weaknesses in a specific topic as well is key to the academic portion of the morning meeting.

In this image, you will see that a classroom uses morning meeting sharing as part of their daily culture.
A classroom using morning meeting sharing ideas

Notice the box in the top right corner?

This is so important for the teacher because you want to be able to hit each section of the CASEL frame. I love to stick with one part of the frame each week. For example, week 1 will be all about getting to know you activities and week 2 will be different self-awareness questions. Each week you can change it based on the different SEL categories.

The Healthy Balance

There needs to be a healthy balance between academical and social learning. If you are hosting morning meetings 5 days a week, try to follow the schedule below. You can change it up each week and you are not tied down to a specific schedule

Week 1Week 2
MondaySocial Emotional QuestionAcademic Question
TuesdayAcademic QuestionSocial-Emotional Question
WednesdaySocial-Emotional QuestionAcademic Question
ThursdayAcademic QuestionSocial-Emotional Question
FridaySocial-Emotional QuestionAcademic Question

If you host 3 days a week, you can try the schedule below.

Week 1Week 2
MondaySocial-Emotional QuestionAcademic Question
WednesdayAcademic QuestionSocial-Emotional Question
FridaySocial-Emotional QuestionAcademic Question

You have two amazing options! The first one is to download the first ten days of sharing using the link below. The second is to check out my TpT and get the entire year’s worth of sharing, greetings, activities, and messages! If you are hesitant, try the first ten days of sharing and see what a difference your classroom will look like.

Kick start your day right with morning meetings! They can be a total game changer for productivity and happiness. Get inspired for your own meetings with these ideas for sharing experiences. Don’t wait, make the most of your morning meetings today! I love these sharing ideas for morning meeting!

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