Simple Ways to Teach Dividing Decimals

Dividing Decimals doesn’t have to be really hard! Have you had kids ask you “when will you need to divide decimals?” I wish I could tell the truth…when you are dividing up your tab at a bar (or restaurant). Using these methods will absolutely help you!

Quick Tips with Dividing decimals

Make it whole.

Make the divisor a whole number. When you do this, you will have to move the number inside the “house” and then divide. You will only be able to move the decimal for each digit behind the decimal. Voila.

This method usually works but if the student runs out of numbers, they will have to add a zero at the end.

Work Around

My favorite way is to just raise the decimal to the roof when you divide. Then all you have to do is tell your students to work around it like there was nothing there. I know this may be a harder way for the students to process the information, however, it is extremely helpful for the students to just work around it as if it is not there. I have shown my students how to do it with the decimal and working with the decimal in there and also how to do it without the decimal.

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Dividing Decimals Ideas

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Implementing Guided Math to Support your Students

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