Teacher Interview

Hi friends!

Are you getting ready for a teacher interview and maybe you have no idea where to start? What kind of teacher interview questions will there be? There are a ton of teacher interview tips out there and I’m glad you are reading my post about teacher interview tips, questions, and answers!

What to wear to the interview?

I am a big believer that you should dress for the job you want and not for the job you have. If you can- wear a dress or a skirt with a nice blouse. Otherwise wear nice dress slacks with a nice blouse. For gentlemen, you should wear nice pants with a long sleeved shirt and depending on what you are comfortable with you can add in a tie. You are making a lasting impression so you don’t want to wear scruffy stuff. You are showing the interviewer what to expect if you were to be hired.

What kind of questions will you be asked?

Each time that I have had an interview, I have experienced many different questions. I am going to list all of the questions that you may be asked during your interview. Be mindful that these are not all of the questions, however, this is a great starting point. I will not be giving you the answers because each teacher is different. Each classroom is different. This is all based on you and what you do in your classroom.

  • Why did you become a teacher?
  • Where have you previously worked?
  • What grades have you taught or student teach?
  • What is your teaching experience?
  • What is your favorite subject to teach? Why?
  • What subject is your strength?
  • What does your math block look like?
  • What does your reading (or ELA) block look like?
  • What PBIS or PBS strategies do you implement in your classroom?
  • Do you know what Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is?
  • How do you incorporate SEL into your everyday lessons?
  • Do you use technology in your classroom?
  • How do you incorporate technology in the classroom?
  • What do you use the technology for?
  • What is your parent relationship like?
  • How do your parents respond to you?
  • How do you build trusting relationships with your students and their families?
  • What is the customer service like in your classroom?

These are all fantastic questions. Practice answering the questions with a partner or a fellow teacher. You can perfect your interview responses prior to going on the interview. Have you been asked any questions on your interviews? I am dying to hear!