The Best Weather Activities for your Science Classroom

It’s almost time for us to kick off our weather unit and we need some engaging weather activities. I always do a variety of weather activities during our unit so it can really solidify into the students brains!

Water Cycle in a Bag

First I I label the bag so the students know the process of the water cycle. I put a little bit of water in a bag with some blue dye. I let it sit over a few weeks. Your kids will think the water cycle will happen instantaneously but we all know that’s not going to happen. The water will not go into a new part of the cycle as soon as you hang it up. I hang the bag up in the window so the sun does impact it.

Water Cycle in a bag
Water Cycle in a bag!

Make a cloud!

This one is AMAZING!

  1. Pour the hot water into the jar. Swirl it around
  2. Turn the lid upside down and place it on the top of the jar. Place several 5-8 cubes onto the lid. Let it rest on the top of the jar for about 20 seconds.
  3. Quickly- remove the lid, spray the hairspray in it and then put the lid back on top.
  4. When you see a good amount of condensation form- remove the lid. Watch the “cloud” escape!

Cold Fronts & Warm Fronts

Have you tried explaining this to kids? It’s a super simple experiment but so effective.

  1. Get 2 glasses and a clear bowl.
  2. In one glass which will be the cold front put 5-7 ice cubes in it, blue dye, and water.
  3. In the second glass, heat up water for about 1.5 minutes. Add red dye.
  4. Place a piece of cardboard in the middle of your bowl. It will keep the water separated.
  5. Next, pull the cardboard piece. Watch how the water reacts. The cold (blue) will go below and the warm (red) will go above.
  6. Helpful hints- make sure the cardboard covers most of the cup. if the cup isn’t straight but very rounded it will be harder to do.

If you are looking for some amazing picture books to go along with your weather unit- check these amazing books out on my blog post! There are so many amazing weather activities that you can do but these just happen to be some of my favorites! If you teach about the different weather tools- be sure to check out my Weather Tools- Science Notes in my TpT store!