The Nature of Science

The Power of Science cover
The Power of Science

Science is incredibly powerful for anyone, let alone a 5th grader. How can you plan lessons, keep it engaging, and be excited about science the entire year? Now, enter into the Power of Science. The Power of Science was created when I decided that I can no longer spend hours upon hours searching for lesson plans. The first unit is The Nature of Science is all about the basics of science. We learn the different types of scientists, types of science, and even work through some experiments.

Lesson Plans

Lesson plans are a key part of each lesson. Each lesson needs to have so many different elements and components. Each lesson should have standards, the time the lesson will take, and all the components of the lesson. I love to include all of my other components and make sure that I tackle the different parts of the lesson plans.

Science lesson plans are key to a successful lesson plan.
Science Lesson Plans

Doodle Now Notes During the Nature of Science

I have said it before and I will say it again…I love Doodle Now Notes! Doodle Now Notes are seriously amazing and I love that students can take their own notes on the lesson. Allow students to have that artistic ability while also learning the lesson. How can you make sure your students are learning exactly what you need during the Nature of Science lessons? Add in there some PowerPoints to support your lesson as well.

Doodle Now Notes for students to take during lessons
Doodle Now Notes
PowerPoints for lessons to support new content
PowerPoint for lessons

Content At Home

What do you think about Homework? Some teachers are all for it. Some would never want to provide homework to students. I decided to find a happy medium and only provide a few pages of homework during each unit. Each of the homework pages allows the students to explore. They aren’t sitting in the house finding things- they are diving deep into the different parts of the Nature of Science. #letsstudentsplay

Allow students to explore using homework to teach the students.
Homework that allows students to explore!

Experiments in the Nature of Science

Howard Gardner was absolutely right when he said there are multiple intelligences to help people learn. One of these is using kinesthetic type learning and allow the students to learn using hands-on experiments. Experiments are extremely helpful when students are learning a new concept. Allow your students to experiment with the different types of experiments while working out the scientific method.

Hands on practice using science experiments to teach the scientific method.
Science Experiments

Google Drive Activity

This activity allows students to use the Chromebooks or the iPads to practice all the skills that were taught during the science lessons. You don’t even have to give the standard assessment anymore! You can give them an assessment using Google Drive and Google Classroom!

Science Google Drive activity that supports learning. Replace the standard test with online activities.
Science Google Drive

The Nature of Science can be found in my TpT store! If you have any questions, leave a comment below!

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