Hello everyone! I am Ronnie from A Teacher’s Wonderland. After graduating in December of 2011, I was hired at a Title 1 school for fifth grade. I then moved to fourth grade and first grade. I am currently a 5th grade teacher in Boynton Beach, Florida. This totals me at 8 years of teaching, coming up on my ninth year!
I create reading, math, and science curriculum for fifth grade teachers across America. My math curriculum is a Guided Math program and helps teachers push their students to work harder then they ever have before. The reading curriculum I created is mini-lessons, vocabulary, and Interactive Read Alouds to help teachers dive deeper into reading. This is called “Dive Into Reading.” The Power of Science has been life changing for my classroom. I decided to change the way I teach by providing students a way to engage with science in a hands on way/

All three of these programs are used by fifth grade teachers across America.
In the years to come, I am hopeful that I can help more and more intermediate teachers become stronger and better teachers by using my reading and math curriculum.