April is such a fun month. It really feels like the beginning of spring. The colors turn into pastel and flowers start to bloom. In South Florida, we start to get our rainy season. It’s very relaxing when you are at home and you are reading a good book. Are you searching for some amazing April activities that you can use in your upper elementary classroom?

April Activities for Upper Elementary

Spring Math Pack

Finding some fun activities to include throughout the year can be hard. I love that we can some awesome pictures to our lessons or activities to give it a theme. I mean really…we are in test prep mode. We have to review all the skills but let’s add some spring looks to it.

Check out some topics found in the math pack:

  • Divide Fractions
  • Fraction Multiplication
  • Multiply Decimals
  • Adding Decimals
  • Decimal Division
  • Identify Quadrilaterals

Spring Choice Boards

I really LOVE choice boards. For real. They make me so happy. I love the different options that you can use for choice boards. When you add choice boards to your day, the students have the ability to show off their strengths or even activities that they enjoy. I love that students can really express themselves and their personalities through choice boards.

Earth Day Math Pack

Like I said above, I love math packs. I love to challenge my students using different math packs. This Earth Day Math Pack is great for you to use during Earth Day.

These math pages are different from the spring pack. Check some of them out below!

  • Subtracting Decimals
  • Adding Decimals
  • Customary Capacity
  • Angles
  • Comparing Decimals

Earth Day Choice Boards

I know there is not a lot of time during the school year to review some of the skills that are important to us. For example, Earth Day. Earth Day is a day that we teach our students all about Earth. When we add these Earth Day Choice Boards to our schedule we encourage our students to think about the effects that we can make on the Earth. The students can think of saving the Earth in different ways.

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