Are you going to be launching math centers during this digital time? Let me tell you- I am so nervous about launching math centers in this digital world. However, I know we an get through this together and launch our math centers!

Why are math centers important?

Math centers are the time that we can see our students in a small group setting. However, this is also a time that we can let the students learn in a deeper level. Students can work on the material as enrichment or deepen their knowledge on the skill at hand.

How do we use math centers in a digital sense?

That’s the million dollar question. How can we organize groups when we can’t do breakout rooms? If you are a Google user, we can’t use Break out rooms until some time in October. Zoom users- I envy you.

Think about breakout groups

Instead of you being able to use the extensions – can you have several groups scheduled each day? By going to you can schedule your group each day. I will actually give group names to my students and will use that to create a Google Meet. Another way to do this- is pay $4.99 a month for Google Meets Plus. You can actually send the students to break out rooms. You can cancel this whenever you are done with distance learning.

What centers do I plan to use?

There are so many options that you can use when it comes to going digital. Like in my other posts, I plan on following what I do in the main classroom. I will have groups with me, independent practice, an online component (used to be iReady Math but now it’s SuccessMaker), and finally practice a skill.

Group with the teacher

When a student comes to me, I honestly plan on using math notes with the students. During the whole group, the students will take notes and practice the skill. When we are in small group, we will work on the skill from the whole group. We will then practice by using the math notes that I recently made digital and practice together. If a student struggles, they will be able to get help immediately. Once we are done, the students will go and complete an independent work and an exit ticket.

Independent Practice

Each unit has some type of digital component. It could be through the text book company or through TeachersPayTeachers. Either way- let them practice. Normally, I have one digital activity for each chapter/topic. I give it to each student through Google Classroom and then they can complete it each and every day. Once they have completed the skills for the day, they can complete an exit ticket independently.

Other amazing options

There are so many options out there when a student needs to complete a skill.

  • Google Slides
  • Google Forms
  • SeeSaw
  • Kahoot
  • Quizlet

Launching Digital Math Centers

Launching math centers is difficult even in the normal world but this digital world is it’s own ball game. These centers are a great way for you to launch math centers and even spark some ideas.

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