Classroom Economy Kit




Are you ready to change your classroom behavior? Maybe just change it by adding some positivity? Help your students by promoting positivity in your classroom.

This system has been a game changer in my classroom. I used to use the Clip Chart and now I use the classroom economy. I actually stick with this the entire year! I no longer stop maintaining behavior in December. The students work for it- and I reward it.

You can read all about my Classroom Economy Kit on my blog!

What is included:

  • Ways to earn money
  • Fines
  • Jobs & Description
  • Blank Jobs & Description Form
  • Jobs & Amount earned per day
  • Blank page of Jobs & Amounts Per Day
  • Jobs & Students assigned to job
    • Each job title comes with a small description that can be displayed on the wall or on the board.
  • Job Application
  • Graphic Organizer to keep track of jobs applied for
  • You’ve Been Hired Letter (Full page)
  • You’ve Been Hired Letter (Quarter page)
  • Purchase Order
  • Over 20 Jobs
  • Editable Forms
  • Money (Wilderness Themed) Money will be updated with different requests. Email with requests to match your theme.

Check out the blog post that correlates with this: Using a Classroom Economy to Promote Positivity

If you need a different theme for the money, email me at