Cupcake Shoppe [Project Based Learning]



Welcome to creating a Cupcake Shoppe! Cupcakes are always a fun desert after a really filling dinner! Students can create their own business using math skills (decimals, area, and perimeter) to make a Cupcake Shoppe become a reality. Unfortunately, yummy desert not included.

Opening a Cupcake Shoppe is a project based learning activity. It puts all of the learning and responsibilities on the students and less on the teacher. This PBL focuses on students using their creative side while also using real world math skills, communication /collaboration with others, building a business, and of course their imagination. The template is provided to the students however, their creativity is needed in order to have success.

Students will create a business plan for their business, a menu for their cupcake, take orders for their cupcakes, and then build a mini 3D version of their cupcake shoppe.

The project is broken into four sections:

1. Build Your Business

  • Creating a business name
  • Designing a Logo
  • Design your Store Front
  • Business Hours
  • Slogan
  • Newspaper Ad Creation
  • Radio Ad Creation
  • TV Ad Creation

2. Menu

  • Brainstorm
  • Flavor Options
  • Icing Options
  • Toppings Options
  • Design/Decorations Options
  • Finalize the Menu (including prices)
  • Create the Menu in a stylized way
  • Speciality Cupcake
  • Secret Menu
  • Skills: Decimals, Money, Adding & Subtracting Decimals, Multiplying Decimals


Classmates will browse your menu and build their ideal cupcake

Skills: Speaking & Listening Skills

4. Build the Shoppe:

Students will build a mini version of their shoppe. All parts of the shoppe are provided.

Skill: Area, Perimeter, Geometry

Time Frame:

The time frame for completing this project will vary. If you are planning on completing it in a week, give 45-60 minutes per day–but it still could take longer. Personally, I give the students about 15-30 minutes per day and it takes them about 3 weeks to create this. Time can vary based on many factors. One area that may take longer is creating the truck.

Please Encourage Creativity!! Push your students to try new ideas. It’s not often that students can just experiment and have fun with their ideas and get creative. Allow them to get creative and enjoy the process!