Hurricane Tracking & Preparedness [Project Based Learning] DIGITAL & Paper Based



Welcome to Hurricane Tracking & Preparedness! Hurricane Tracking & Preparedness are always fun and REAL to track. My students (& parents) love how you can bring the hurricane preparation to the student’s level without having them worry extremely.


Hurricane Tracking & Preparedness is a project based learning activity. It puts all of the learning and responsibilities on the students and less on the teacher. This PBL focuses on students using their creative side while also using real world science skills, communication /collaboration with others, building a business, and of course their imagination. The template is provided to the students however, their creativity is needed in order to have success.


Students will track the hurricane over 20 day intervals. They will also create a hurricane preparedness kit that can be used in a real life situation or to discuss with their parents.


 What you Need to Know

  • This resource was created using Google Slides
  • You must have a Google email
  • Google Classroom is helpful but not mandatory for this product.


 Simple Steps to Take AFTER Purchasing

1. Select Directions

2. The 1st page has the link. Select the link.

3. Select “Make a Copy”

3. Organize the forms in your Google Drive

4. Assign using Google Classroom


♻️ Way to Use this Paperless Resource

– Morning Work

– Reteach

– Exit Tickets

– Homework

– Computer Center

– Online Testing Practice

– Pre-assessments & Post-assessments

– RTI (Response to Intervention)

– Distance Learning


Get the paper version here!


Time Frame:

The time frame for completing this project will vary. If you are planning on completing it in a week, give 5-10 minutes per day–but it still could take longer. Personally, I give the students about 5-10 minutes per day . Time can vary based on many factors. One area that may take longer is creating the aquarium.


Please Encourage Creativity!! Push your students to try new ideas. It’s not often that students can just experiment and have fun with their ideas and get creative. Allow them to get creative and enjoy the process!


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