Venus Science Centers [Paper & Digital Centers]


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We know that centers and hands on activities are going to be the best for your students. Let me help with that. This Venus Science Centers are amazing to use in your classroom either in a normal classroom or while working through Distance Learning.

There are many centers in this unit. In the download you will find:

1. Directions

2. Passage (Paper & Digital)

3. Illustrate it (Paper & Digital)

4. Watch & Respond (Paper & Digital)

5. Google Slides File (+ Directions to give to your students)

  • 1.Organize Facts (Found in Google Slides ONLY
  • 2.Research it (Found in Google Slides ONLY)
  • 3.True or False (Found in Google Slides ONLY)
  • 4.Define It (Found in Google Slides ONLY)

6. Write about it (Paper & Digital)

7. 3D Project Cube (Paper)

8. Google Form as a Final Assessment (+ Directions to give to your students)

You can use these centers for:

•Daily Challenges

•Science rotations

•Challenge your partner

•All Around the Classroom Carousel

•Fast Finishers

•Morning Work

•Direct Instruction

•During Distance Learning

•Use as a study guide and for assessments

•Assign for homework so it doesn’t seem like homework!

What you Need to Know

  • This resource was created using Google Forms & Google Slides
  • You must have a Google email
  • Google Classroom is helpful but not mandatory for this product.

Simple Steps to Take AFTER Purchasing

1. Select Directions (for the slides and Google Forms)

2. The 1st page has the link. Select the link.

3. Select “Make a Copy”

3. Organize the forms in your Google Drive

4. Assign using Google Classroom

Why Should you use Google Forms?

  • Automatic Grading / Self-checking
  • Automatically Collects & Organizes Data
  • Fully Editable (add/delete/edit responses)
  • Online Testing Practice

✅ Google Slides File:

  • I highly recommend that you add this to your drive so when you give to your students, you can just upload and go!
  • Make sure you select “Make a copy for each student” so that Google Classroom creates the slide for each student.

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