Weather Tools – Science Notes – Test Prep – Printables – 4th & 5th Grade




Science can be a hard subject to teach. Often times we are not given a text book and we have to provide our own material. Science notes are a great way to keep the material engaging and rigorous as well.

What are science notes?

Science Notes are a way to connect the left brain to the right brain. Students can learn with their preferred way of learning. They can draw, write, and color while the lesson is being taught. The Science Notes support the main idea of the topic while also making connections through visuals.

How can you use this in your classroom?

•Direct Instruction

•Doodle Stations (complete part of the Science Notes during a specific rotation)

•Use as a study guide and for assessments

•Assign for homework

•Independent Time!


What does this include?

4 Pages of different Weather tools

4 Pages of Fill in The blanks – Black & White Version

4 Pages of Blank Option – Black & White Version

4 Pages of Fill in The blanks – Color Version

4 Pages of Blank Option- Color Version

1 Teacher Answer Key

Photo of a completed example for each page


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