Word Work for 5th Grade -Lesson Plans, Sorts, Activities, Small Groups & Centers




Welcome to Word Work for 5th Grade! This pack is made specifically with our 5th grade teachers in mind and provides great tools to help students dive deeper into the world of words. Our trimester 1-specific pack includes teacher lesson plans, activities for students to complete with the teacher during small group and centers, as well as a variety of resources to help track progress.

You and your students will have access to weekly word work skills, word lists, and three different activities per week to drive learning home! Keep track of everything your students complete each day with daily small group activities based around the weekly skill, three activities for centers, five activities for students to complete each day in their notebook. Plus, our scope and sequence provides structure for all trimesters so you can always stay on top of individual student progress!

Explore new ways of engaging young minds in learning through Word Work for 5th Grade today!

What does this unit contain?

  • Lesson Plans for Trimester 1
    • Scope & Sequence
    • Daily Lesson Plans
  • Word Work Binder
  • Weekly Sorts
  • 3 Print & Go Centers – Including one passage
  • A Student Workbook for Small Group which includes:
    • 5 days of small group activities
    • 1 Assessment
  • Data Tracking for each Week
  • Centers for Students to Use During Independent Time

Decoding Weekly Skills:

  • Short Vowels
  • Long a & e
  • Long I and o
  • Words with /oo/ and /yoo/
  • Words with /ou/, /o/ and /oi/
  • R-controlled Vowels /or/ /ar/ and /ar
  • R-controlled vowels /ur/, /ir/
  • Compound Words
  • VCCV Syllable Division Pattern
  • VCV Syllable Division Pattern
  • VCCCV Syllable Division Pattern
  • VV Syllable Division Pattern


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