Dividing Decimal Centers

Running out of decimal division activities and practice? I’ve got you covered! Sometimes when you are working on a new skill, you need to switch it up or maybe you want to simply challenge your students with new problems. Either way, I have culminated a list of five dividing decimals games and activities that will move your students towards mastery!

Decimal Division
Decimal Division

Math Skill Pack

You know those times when you feel behind on everything? These math packs will seriously save the day. Math packs are perfect for reviewing material, sub plans, and days when you need something simple and easy!

I have a math pack for spring that includes decimal division practice, along with several other skills: fractions, geometry, time, line plots, and more. These are no-prep activities, so press print and you’re ready to go. 

Dividing Decimals Games

Anytime I say “math games” in my classroom, I have my students’ attention immediately. Who doesn’t love a good game? These math center games are great for the classroom because they are low prep and engaging.

I created a Winter Math Game that reviews dividing decimals, subtracting decimals, multiplication, fraction multiplication, and more. In this game, students will match together a formula with an answer. It’s also a great way for students to check themselves because they have to be able to locate their answer.

Dividing Decimals Math Games
Dividing Decimals Math Games

Dividing Decimals Google Slides

In need of some explicit practice for dividing decimals? These Google Slides for dividing decimals has forty decimals dividing by whole numbers practice problems. You can have students practice on the Google Slides or use the print version as a worksheet. This resource is great to use as homework, independent practice, in small groups, or stations.

Math Sorts

Anything that provides my students with the ability to self-check their work wins an A+ in my book. These paper and digital dividing decimals math sorts are a low-prep activity that will make a big bang. Students will solve several dividing decimals problems and then match the answer they get through their work with one of the sorts.

With the paper version, these sorts are cut pieces of paper they will glue onto their page. In the digital version, they simply just drag and drop the “sort” or text box into the correct space!

Self-Grading Quizzes for Decimal Division

Finally, a self-grading quiz. These quizzes are perfect for assessing your students after giving them ample time to practice. I talk in this blog post about why I love self-grading quizzes (and how to set them up), but the gist of it is – self-grading quizzes save me time, so I can focus on the important things. You’ll get instant data from your students, so you know who still needs help and with what concept.
Of course, I had to create a self-grading quiz for division of decimals! This resource contains three quizzes, each with five questions. You can easily add them to Google Classroom, and your students can jump right in (and leave the grading to Google).