My 5 Favorite Division Activities for Centers

Ever feel like you’re running out of activities for your division unit? I got you covered! I have several go-to division activities that always engage my students and keep their skills sharp.

Division Centers Featured Image
Division Centers

I love using these division activities in centers. Centers are an excellent way to challenge your students. Centers utilize various different activities, so you can feel confident that no matter what type of problem your students are presented with – they will be able to apply their division knowledge.

While my students are completing centers, I use them time to meet with small groups or meet one-on-one with struggling students. This gives me time to differentiate my instruction.

Here are my favorite activities and centers for practicing division:

Math Games

Math games are an exciting way to boost engagement in your centers. I love creating math puzzle games for my elementary students. Essentially, you want students to match together different elements. This might be a visual to a problem, an answer to an equation, or creating an equation using the puzzle pieces.

I have several pre-made division math puzzle games with different themes. There is a Valentine’s Day Game Pack, Winter Game Pack and a Groundhog Day Game Pack. Each comes with five puzzles!

Division Games

Notebook Sorts

Notebook sorts are a great way to make notes and reference materials engaging. Students glue a chart into their notebook, solve division problems, and glue in the “sort” that matches. This also serves as a self-checking tool!

I have a couple ready-to-go notebook sorts that are easy to print for your next centers. This sort is over division by 10’s and this sort is division by two digits.

Notebook Sorts
Notebook Sorts

Digital Practice with Google Slides

Google Slides are a great alternative to the classic task card or worksheet. Google Slides eliminate the need to print out copies for every student, and you can get creative with the format students answer in, such as drag and drop.

These divisions Google Slides are perfect for your next centers. Choose to practice divide by 10’s or divide by two digits. There are over 20 practice slides with various activities.

Google Slides
Google Slides

Digital Centers with Google Forms

When planning centers, I always include a digital practice because it helps me collect data and instantly analyze how my students are performing on the topic. Especially on Google Forms, you can quickly see your class and individual students are performing.

I have several Google Forms for division, including divide by 10’s and divide by two digits. You can see them all here. Each comes with three quizzes, five questions each. Best part: it’s self-checking!

Google Forms
Google Forms

Choice Boards

We all know how important choice is to student learning. Engage your elementary students in division and the power of choice with choice boards! Super easy to make and low prep. Win-win! I have a print-and-go division choice board that you can use for centers. There are nine choices on the board, and each choice has a one-page corresponding activity. You can grab the division choice board here. Check out this blog post all about Multiplication Choice Boards..

Division Centers Choice Board
Division Centers Choice Board