I love the idea of choice boards. Add in their science choice board and my heart is swooning. Science choice boards allow the students to think outside the box. It doesn’t just check their knowledge, but it allows them to find the strength within themselves and work towards exemplary status.

How do you choice boards work?

Students are given nine tasks on one piece of paper. The teachers can choose if they want the students to complete nine task or three tasks however many they want. Then the students choose their choice on the board.

Example of Science Choice Boards
Example of Science Choice Boards

Let’s see that the student wants to complete the anchor chart challenge. They would actually have a corresponding page that goes with this particular choice. The students will then be able to design their own anchor chart based on the topic that they are learning about. Now we are connecting the 5E’s of science to our choice board. The students are explaining and teaching other students about the topic.

Example of Science Choice Boards Task
Example of Science Choice Boards Task

When can we use science choice boards?

One question I often get asked is ‘when should I be using science choice boards?’ The answer isn’t that simple mainly because a lot of it depends on your class, your day, and the level of achievement within your class. I had one class that no matter how many times I gave them a choice board, they never completed it. I’ve had many classes where they want to complete all nine. You really have to gauge it for your class.

You can use choice boards many different ways in your classroom. When I taught science first thing in the morning I use it as morning work. I’ve use these as exemplary task, and even monthly homework. Below are some really quick ways that you can use them within your classroom.

  • Morning Work
  • Fast Finishers
  • Math Centers
  • Homework
  • Quick Check
  • Buddy Work
  • Exemplary Tasks

Are there more ways that you can use this? Absolutely.

If you want to try a math one for free, go ahead and check out the free resource library located at the top or by clicking here!

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