Teaching about solid, liquid, and gas doesn’t have to be stressful

Can I just say what’s the MATTER with matter? Nothing! What’s the MATTER? I love these jokes and tend to use them often on my students. Let me start off that teaching matter is super hard for me. Seriously. There are really fun ideas when it comes to solid, liquid, and gas but how much is too much?

Learn all about how to make MATTER engaging!
Solid, Liquid, Gas

Anchor Charts

I really do love anchor charts. I am always creating them and pasting them on my walls. We have a science section, a math section, a writing section, and a reading section. One of my favorites that I use in my classroom is Matter one. We use this constantly and since it’s the beginning of the year when I teach it- it becomes like a burned-in image in their heads. We are always referring to it.

solid, liquid, and gas anchor chart

A Visual

I love visuals. Hello visual learners! We do something truly unspeakable in the classroom. Seriously- we cannot talk about it because I may get in trouble. We are a “healthy” school so giving the kids ice cream isn’t always a great idea. Add soda- I’m fired. Kidding.

First, I put in ice cream which is your solid. Then we add in the coke or root beer. That would be your solid. Once the two connect it makes some weird looking fizz. That fizz would be the visual of gas. I let the kids touch it so they can feel it and how it kind of melts in their hand.

Lastly, enjoy it. You worked for it- now enjoy it!

Science Notes

Have you explored science notes yet? Holy crap they are amazinggggggg. I use these with every single lesson that I teach. I cannot get enough of the science notes. The basics are that I print these notes and we glue them into their notebook. Then we work on specific parts of the notes each and every day. The students follow along with whatever we are working on for that specific lesson. It really is a life/time saver. It gives me guidance on everything that actually needs to be taught for that specific lesson.

Matter Science Notes

Was that so hard?

Look- I know it’s not easy to teach Matter but these super quick tips will stick in your kid’s brains AND they will even want to learn more about matter. The main thing you can do is make science engaging for them. If the students aren’t engaged- they won’t do anything!

Get them engaged!!

Stop wasting your time on boring lessons when you are teaching science. Make it fun! Make it interesting! Below are my 5 favorite ways that I make science engaging and fun! You can download this for FREE!