How to Intertwine Your Math Notes to be Used Throughout the Year and Throughout Your Math Block

As a teacher, we all want our students to understand the lessons we teach. However, sometimes it can be challenging to ensure that every student grasps the concept. One way of ensuring that students have a comprehensive understanding of a lesson is by using math notes. Math notes can be a great tool to use in your class as they provide a consistent place for students to review the lesson. In this blog post, we will explore how to intertwine your math notes to be used throughout the year and throughout your math block.

Math notes can be used in various ways in your classroom. Here are just a few examples:

Direct Instruction:

During your lesson, have your students complete a section of the math notes. This way, they can write down the critical aspects of the lesson and have something to reference later. This can be useful for students who struggle with taking notes during a lecture.

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Doodle Stations for math notes:

During a specific rotation during your math block, have students complete part of the math notes. With this, they can create a doodle that represents their understanding of the math concept. It’s a fun and creative way for students to learn while still obtaining the essential information.

Use as a Study Guide and for Assessments:

Once the math notes are complete, students have a review guide to use for assessments. This can be helpful for students who need a refresher on a particular concept.

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Assign for Homework

Assign a specific section of the math notes as homework, and have students complete it before the next day’s lesson. It’s an excellent opportunity for students to review the material before moving on.

Independent Time or after the Lesson

After a lesson, give your students time to finish the math notes if they didn’t get a chance to during class time. It’s a great opportunity for students to ask questions and receive clarification on the lesson.

Math notes are an excellent tool to use in your classroom to ensure that students understand the material. By intertwining them throughout the year and throughout your math block, you’re providing students with the necessary tools to succeed. It can also help to eliminate the problem of students not understanding the lesson. Try incorporating math notes into your lessons and watch your students excel!

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