Place Value Activities for 4th Grade

In need of place value activities for your fourth grade students? Sometimes when teaching, I find myself (and my students) bored of the same old activities, and I try to mix it up! I put together a list of my favorite place value activities and worksheets for fourth grade that will help you change up your routine.

Place Value Activities for 4th Grade

Guided Math 

Guided math is my favorite way to introduce any math concept because it allows for scaffolding and differentiation. In guided math, you go from guiding students in a whole group during the mini-lessons to centers and a teacher station, and ending with independent work. Guided math allows me to clearly see where my students are at with the concept.

I’ll be honest though, putting together a guided math unit can feel overwhelming. We often don’t have enough time in our day to plan it all. You know your students are on different levels with place value knowledge, but you may not have the time to gather the materials needed. Not to mention planning your place value mini-lesson, centers, and creating homework. 

That’s why I started creating these guided math centers for teachers, so you can focus on getting your students place value skills to mastery – instead of compiling materials.

Choice Boards

Choice boards are a simple and easy alternative to place value worksheets in 4th grade. Choice boards add some engagement as well because students get to pick the activities that sound most interesting to them!

Personally, I like to use choice boards for centers or as independent practice (in the classroom or at home). In my place value choice boards, I include various activities such as –

  • Finding a mystery number using the place value clues
  • Giving your students a place value mistake problem and having them correct it
  • Creating a place value song to remember the topic

You can include as many activities as you want on your choice board. I typically go with nine. You can create your own choice board, or use the place value choice board I have that is ready-to-go (seriously, all you have to do is hit “print”!).

Math Notes

Ever teach an amazing lesson only to discover no one remembers a thing?! Yeah. We’ve all been there. Fill-in-the-blank notes are my go-to for math mini-lessons.

Place Value Math Notes

My students use their notes as a reference material throughout the year (I have them paste it in a notebook or hole-punch into a binder). It also works great for students with an IEP who need teachers notes (you can give them a pre-filled version!). 

The notes also keep me on track with my lesson – I know exactly what place value problems I will model and what key concepts I need to talk through. Check out the notes I use for my place value lessons.

Notebook Sorts

Notebook sorts are the cool version of place value worksheets. I say that because they include a hands-on component, serve as a great self-checking tool, and provide a reference material for later.

In place value sorts, I have my students match together the standard form of the number, the word form, and the expanded form. It’s quite the challenge! Because students are matching the “sorts” or pieces of paper, this provides a self-check tool because they know the answer is somewhere in the stack. You can create your own sort, or let me do the work for you. I have a pre-made place value sort that is great for centers, homework, or fast finishers.

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