As you know, I LOVE morning meetings. I love all the different aspects of it. For example, being able to get up and talk with the kids. I love being able to discuss different avenues of SEL with them. One of the most creative parts of my morning is the Morning Meeting Greetings!

One of the most creative parts of my morning is the Morning Meeting Greetings!
Start your day in a positive way during Morning Meeting Greetings.

In the SEL blog post (found here), I told you all about the amygdala and the science behind it. Let me tell you…I think that learning about calming that amygdala is what makes this such a successful time of the day.

During Morning Meeting Greetings, I am using that time for students to calm that amygdala. Whenever I go into a new place- my mind is racing. The same goes for our students. We are able to calm that amygdala just a little because we recognize that the classroom is a safe place.

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Morning Meeting Greetings Rules

The rules for Morning Meeting Greeting are not hard but you have got to stick with them!

Morning Meeting Greeting Examples
Here is an example of Morning Meeting Greeting!
  1. Choose one form of greetings for the day. You can choose from a variety of sites that have greetings. You can google Morning Meeting Greetings and then select Images. Below are some of my favorites
  • Say hello in a different language
  • Crab Walk around the classroom
  • Greet using your favorite book
  • Use Dinosaur roars to express yourself
  • Use a funny or robot voice

2. Set limitations. Don’t allow them to scream or run around. They will be able to follow the examples and the rules.

3. Get out there with them. Allow them to see you walking around greeting the class as well. The kids will flock to you and will want to greet you as well!

Try it out!

You have two amazing options! The first one is to download the first ten days of sharing using the link below. The second is to check out my TpT and get the entire year’s worth of sharing, greetings, activities, and messages! If you are hesitant, try the first ten days of sharing and see what a difference your classroom will look like.

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