October is that point in the year where the dust has begun to settle and the routines are in full force. But, there is restless energy in the air! With so many approaching holidays – and students starting to test boundaries – every classroom is in need of some October activities that engage those energetic minds and add some novelty to the classroom. These ideas are the best October Activities for 4th Graders, however, you can use these in 3rd and 5th grade.

I wanted to share five activities you can use during October to review content, get students excited to learn, and quelch some of those restless and bored behaviors. I also want to tell you…I LOVE Halloween.

My favorite October activities for 4th Graders
My favorite October activities for 4th Graders

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October Activities for 4th Grade: Math Games

One of my go-to October activities is math games. It combines several math skills students should be familiar with by October and mixes it into interactive, hands-on activities. Plus, they are low-prep. A few simple cuts (and some laminating if you want to go the extra mile) will have your game up and running in no time.

You can get the game for 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade! Each game has similar activities but review skills specific to those grade levels.

October Activities for 4th Grade: Pumpkin Life Cycle

The pumpkin life cycle is a classic October activity. I like to make a whole day out of this specific topic and take it cross-curricular. 

In science, have students complete the Pumpkin Life Cycle centers. They will research the life cycle of a pumpkin, watch videos, and illustrate their findings. You can have them record their findings on the Pumpkin Life Cycle trifold (which is a freebie, btw).

Mix in the ELA components with a Pumpkin Life Cycle Comprehension Passage. Students will read a short passage and then answer ten comprehension questions. By the end of the day, your students will basically be pumpkin experts, and they will have practiced various skills.

October Activities for 4th Grade: Dry Ice

If you want to bring some of the spooky Halloween vibes to your classroom, then this is the October activity for you. There is something so fun about dry ice, so why not bring it into your science classroom?

This Dry Ice Science Experiment Bundle includes five total experiments, including erupting bubbles, screaming dry ice, and the crystal ball. I can promise you that students will be 100% engaged during these experiments.

Each experiment comes with a teacher reference page (including materials and procedures) and a student recording sheet, which uses the scientific method.

#4 History of Halloween

Don’t think I forgot about social studies! October activities really can be found in every content area. In social studies, we talk about the History of Halloween with this project. Students will research, watch videos, and write all about Halloween. This is a great project to use in centers.

I also like to pair it with the History of Halloween Reading Comprehension passages. This is an easy, seasonal way to mix up your comprehension practice and assess students’ progress.

October Activities for 4th Grade: Choice Boards

Lastly, you can slip in some October activities in your early finisher work, morning work, centers, and more. Personally, choice boards are my go-to way to make that happen. Choice boards are a really simple way to display multiple activities students can complete, it gives them options, and you can mix and match content as well.
I created some Halloween Choice Boards which contain activities such as using shapes to create a jack-o-lantern and solving word problems to escape a haunted house.

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