I started this new series where I show teachers how to plan a unit or lesson quickly but effectively. You can check this page out with all the different ideas, HERE!! Now, planning for the power of ten in math lesson really isn’t hard. You will need 3 things. Anchor charts, math notes, and I love a multiplication chart.

Let’s start with understanding exponents. They can be kind of hard for students because they don’t follow an order.

Math Notes

I love math notes. That is evident all across my blog but also in my TpT store. These notes are a great way to keep track of the different exponents. I explain it to the students by starting with 10 to the second power. It is easier to explain the powers of ten by starting with 10×10 (ten to the second power) = 100. Then we are able to move to 10 to the third power.

Powers of Ten Math Notes
Powers of Ten Math Notes

It is incredibly important to have the students keep track of the exponents. Normally, I will use the same number and multiply that so that the students can see how the number grows with each exponent. I will also have them recognize the difference between the numbers and find a tenth of the number or a hundredth of that number.

Get the Anchor Chart Up

Just like your math notes, you will need to have an anchor chart with exponents up somewhere in your classroom. Why? This is a topic that is reviewed multiple times throughout the year. In order to make your life easier, create an anchor chart that students can refer to throughout the year. It will definitely help when you need to reference the power of ten to complete math problems.

Multiplication Chart

A lot of teachers are VERY against providing their students with a multiplication chart. Personally, I have a totally different idea about this. Mainly because I believe that if a student is struggling with their multiplication facts by the time they get to me – burning it into their brain with quizzes just won’t work. I allow the students to use the multiplication chart to answer questions because then hopefully it will really sink in and they will know the math fact.

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