Author’s purpose. Have you ever dreaded hearing two words more? This year…it wasn’t dreadful. I used to genuinely cringe when I realized it was time to teach author’s purpose but after finding my 3 go-to books, now I no longer freak out!

After searching and searching, finally, I found some amazing picture books that are great to use during the author’s purpose. The students worked with a page while we read the books The Watcher, Rotten Teeth, and Hey, Little Ant. I love teaching this now because I have the books and the tools for this!

What do I use?

These two books are great for informative and for entertaining. I usually check out Hey, Little Ant which is why you don’t see any pictures here.

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Anchor Charts

I also use an anchor chart. This is always a huge hit in my classroom and the best part is that it allows my students to constantly refer back to all year long. You know that I love anchor charts and this one is kind of my baby. I made this and fell in love with it.

Author's purpose anchor chart
Anchor Chart

This anchor chart for author’s purpose is for sale on my site today!

Other ideas…

Look around your classroom! Are there any books that you can use to teach each purpose? Whenever you are working on entertaining books, use graphic novels, Greek Mythology stories, or Nancy Drew books. I love to use commercials to use as persuasion. In addition, use biographies more for informative, however, I have have used nonfiction books, the Weird But True books, and recipes!

Author's Purpose Imae

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