Digital Daily Check-In -January- Grades 3-5


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Are you starting with distance learning? Need a way to check in with students while also targeting their social and emotional learning? These daily check-ins are fantastic for that!

✅ What does it come with?

  • 20 Google Forms pre-made
  • 100% Editable
  • A question on Zones of Regulations
  • A question on Social Emotional Learning each day
  • A positive viewpoint question for the previous day
  • Goal setting question for each day
  • A private question for the student and the teacher to see
  • Each quiz has every question with required marked on it.

What you Need to Know

  • This resource was created using Google Forms & Google Slides
  • You must have a Google email
  • Google Classroom is helpful but not mandatory for this product.

Simple Steps to Take AFTER Purchasing

1. Select Directions (for the slides and Google Forms)

2. The 1st page has the link. Select the link.

3. Select “Make a Copy”

3. Organize the forms in your Google Drive

4. Assign using Google Classroom

Why Should you use Google Forms?

  • Automatic Grading / Self-checking
  • Automatically Collects & Organizes Data
  • Fully Editable (add/delete/edit responses)
  • Online Testing Practice

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