The scientific method is a foundational concept in science, so it’s important that our students have a solid understanding of it! Maybe you need some ideas to use when you teaching or even ideas for your science centers. Either way, this blog post is great for different ideas for the Nature of Science.

5 Alternative Ways to Teach the Scientific Method

What is the scientific method?

The scientific method is the process in which scientists make observations and answer questions. In my classroom, I always make sure to have an anchor chart with the definition of the scientific method, along with the common steps used. Then, it’s time to get practicing! We want our students to actually be able to apply the scientific method and see it in action.

Here are some activities you can use to help your students understand and utilize the scientific method:

Experiment Ideas

When getting my students to explore the scientific method, I often use dry ice experiments. One experiment with dry ice is erupting bubbles. With this experiment, you place dry ice inside a cylinder of soapy water. This creates smoke filled bubbles! As you conduct this experiment, have students make observations and a hypothesis.

Dry Ice activities when you are teaching the scientific method

I have a resource with five different dry ice experiments. Each experiment has an essential question, procedure and materials, and various pages that prompt students to note the variables, collect data, and more!


After you introduce this to students, have them participate in centers to practice what they have learned in various ways. I like to include practice in a variety of formats, such as a video, passage, and illustration.

Scientific method center activities for your classroom

I created these scientific method centers that do just that. There are six different stations and an assessment to test students’ knowledge of the material. Stations include a watch and respond, illustrate it, 3D cube, read and respond, and more.

Choice Board

Student choice is an excellent way to engage your students in a topic. You can make a choice board by creating a table with various activities in each square. It’s good to mix and match the types of activities. You can have them complete these activities if they finish work early, during morning work, or as independent practice.

An awesome choice board for your class when you are teaching the scientific method.

Don’t want to create your own? I have a scientific method choice board ready to use. It includes nine activities, such as draw it, create a picture book, be the teacher, and more. All of these will challenge students to apply their knowledge of the scientific method.

Nature of Science Unit

If you just want to focus on teaching the scientific method, without all the fuss of creating lessons and activities, you need the Nature of Science Unit. They are the lesson plans you want, plus way more. The lessons are designed to be hands-on and engaging, and stress free for you!

This unit covers the following topics:

  • Types of Scientists
  • Famous Scientists
  • Lab Safety
  • Using all 5 senses
  • Tools You Use
  • Measuring Volume
  • Measuring Mass
  • Accuracy & Precision
  • Scientific Method
  • Variables

This unit includes doodle notes for every lesson, PowerPoints, lesson plans, anchor charts, homework, and more. Seriously, it takes the guesswork out of teaching. 

No matter what activity you choose for the scientific method, you will have your students engaged and excited to learn.

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