Albert Einstein said that if you want your kids to be smart, read them fairy tales. The same goes for fifth graders. Just because they are 10 and 11, it doesn’t mean they don’t want to hear all about fairy tales. Trust me, the 5th graders love fairy tales.

Lesson Plans

If you’ve bounced around my site, you have seen that planning a unit is quite fun for me. Planning a unit for reading is just as much fun. I love being able to provide rich text for my students.

When I start with my units, I look to see what skills need to be taught at this time. Often times I will scope out the lessons and build the lessons around the scope. Once I decide what I am going to teach, I build around the plans. I start off by creating a goal for the day. Then I create a connection. Why are connections important? It’s how we get the students to start thinking about the topic. You can generate thought provoking questions for the students to start thinking about the topic. In this case, it would be for 5th grade fairy tales.

5th grade fairy tale lesson plans
5th grade fairy tale lessons

5th Grade Fairy Tales Chapter Book

There are a ton of great books you can use. One of my favorites happens to be Rump by Liesl Shurtliff.

This book is definitely one of my favorites to use when teaching different elements of fairy tales. At the end of the lesson, I leave the students with one question. This question is based off what we read for the day. This allows the students to reflect on their lesson and think about what they learned during the lesson.

Reading Questions for fairy tales
Reading Questions

Of course once you are done with the unit, you can always complete a culmination unit. Usually, I print off a castle for the students and we make our very own fractured fairy tale.

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Picture Books I Use for Fairy Tale Lessons

These are the books that I use during our fairy tales unit.

Please note that the book links are affiliate links. That means that I may make a small amount of money based off your purchase at no cost to you.

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