Adding and subtracting fractions is a concept on repeat in my classroom! Fractions are always a tricky topic, so I love reinforcing and practicing fractions in centers. Add Fractions to your centers and you have 5 awesome adding and subtracting fraction centers. Fraction centers allows me to present the information in different ways, so students aren’t only seeing one style of math problem.

Here are my top five adding and subtracting fraction centers!

This is the header for the adding and subtracting fraction centers for the upper elementary classroom.
Adding & Subtracting Fraction Centers

Center #1: Back to School Review Fraction Centers

One of the best ways to assess where your students are at with the skills is through a back to school review. I always include adding and subtracting fractions in my review, and I have my students complete this review during centers in the first few weeks of school.

I have a ready-to-go back to school math review that’s easy to put together with fifteen different review skills. Pro tip: have students complete the activities in centers, and then check it with them at your teacher station. This gives them instant feedback, and you can note where they are at with their skills.

This is an image of the math math for fraction centers

Center #2: Adding Fraction Google Form

When in centers, I like to include self-checking activities since I can’t monitor every student’s work. This allows them to be responsible for their learning and correct their mistakes.

Google Forms make self-checking really easy. Input several adding or subtracting fraction problems into a Google Form, make the response required, and set the answer in the form. If you don’t have the time to create a Google Form, I have three adding fractions quizzes already made. Each quiz has five questions. Adding these google forms is perfect for fraction centers!

Center #3: Math Spinners

These spinners are one of my favorite fraction centers. It keeps my students engaged, and it’s amazingly simple to put together. 

Each spinner has five adding fractions problems, and there are three different spinners available. Students write their answers on the recording sheet provided. It’s easy to prepare for stations – print the spinner sheet, print the recording sheet, and then add the spinner using a metal brad and paper arrow. Pro tip: laminate the spinner pages and leave the brad and arrow. Then you have a station ready, year after year.

Center #4: Notebook Sorts

I like using notebook sorts for centers because it allows me to see my students progress in working out problems. In the first column, students see a subtracting fractions problem. The second column asks that they work out the problem. The last column has students paste their answer from one of the paper sorts.

This also serves as a self-checking tool because if students can’t find their answer among the sorts, then they know they got it wrong. These sorts are super easy to check over, and if I see a student is getting answers wrong, I can quickly find their work and locate the problem. I have notebook sorts for subtracting fractions already made for you.

Center #5: Math Notes

You might think of notes being only used for mini-lessons, but they work great in centers as well. I like creating fill-in-the blank notes that we begin during a mini-lesson. Then, students complete the remainder of the notes in centers.
The rest of the notes include scaffolded problems for students. What I like about this is that they have the reference material to refer to, including problems modeled during the mini-lesson. Check out the notes I have created for adding and subtracting fractions, which includes a mini-lessons portion and independent practice.

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