Remember last year when I launched my digital economy? It was one of the best decisions that I made for my classroom. I am so glad I transitioned into this. Now with Coronavirus around…I need to go digital.

Digital Classroom Economy Featured Image
Digital Classroom Economy

Why do I need a Digital Classroom Economy?

A classroom economy is great when you are tired of the clip chart and need something to effectively use like ASAP. The paper version is absolutely fantastic- however…germs. In order to get rid of that, I plan on using a website called At the time of writing this, Bank-A-Roo is free! Even if I had to pay- I would!

How do you get digital?

Kids are amazing. They are so in touch with different digital options. They know how to navigate through different websites and it’s definitely helpful during this time. I am going to walk you through creating a digital classroom economy that you can implement after these quick steps!

Logging In

Head to – Log in or create an account. This is your dashboard. On the right, add your class. 

How to log into the Digital Economy
How to log into the Digital Economy

Managing Students

On the left, select Manage students.

How to add students into your Digital Economy
How to add students into your Digital Economy

You will go to a new page and then you will select Manage Students. If you want to set it up before you know your students, you can just label it with a number. 

This is what the list looks like when you add students. 

Do you see the drop down (it’s circled) and it says CANNOT ADD FUNDS- I don’t trust my students (yet) so I will for sure say they cannot add funds in the beginning of the year. I don’t need them inflating their money.

How do you add money?

It is super simple!! If you are going to add funds, all you have todo is select the students you want to add funds to. Then you can enter the amount on the right side. 

How to add funds to the digital economy
How to add funds to the digital economy

I often give money for simple things to just one student. I can select the check box on the left, then enter the description and write in the ONE TIME allocation fund to give them money. 

How do they spend money?

 If you are like me, you use this as reward system. The students can buy a lot of things so I need to be able to take money OUT. I enter the amount, and then put it in the one-time allocation fund box & give it a description.

How you or the students could use the funds
How you or the students could use the funds

My favorite part is the detailed view. At the top of your list of students, switch to detailed view. This will give you a list of all of your students.

Select a student. If you are detailed- you can see EXACTLY what you paid them for and what they paid you for. You can print it and send it home, discuss it at conferences, and MORE! 

Student Version

Their log in page will look like this. If you set it up that you can add funds- which I didn’t do- then they will be able to add here.

Student view on Bankaroo
Student view on Bankaroo

Do you notice that everything I did as the teacher, the student can see on their screen? 

If the student was to take funds out themselves, it can only go to the teacher. They cannot give it to a classmate. I know this sounds weird that I am making a point out of this, however, I had a student that was charging kids money to do random things. They cannot do this now. (Win for me!!)

Notice how the students charged their account on the –FUNDS and they wrote the reason. This is beneficial for students to see repetitive things as well. 


  • “Bookmark” their page
  • Write their password somewhere safe.
  • Have rules written somewhere that is accessible for the students in Google Sites or Google Classroom . 
  • If you don’t want students to share anything (like fake money) – use this in lieu of printing the money.
  • here is an app that you can add to your phone. 

A Digital Classroom Economy

The NUMBER one question I constantly get asked is if this actually works. Let me tell you- YES! Doing a simple switch to this will be a game changer. I highly recommend that if you are going to change in the school year, do it on a Monday!

Want the work done for you?

You can absolutely get my Classroom Economy. It comes with the digital version or the paper version. It is one of my favorite resources and tons of other teachers agree with you!

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